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​- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments


Membership Policy: 

By clicking “Place Order,” you agree that your The Dojo Box™ Membership will automatically renew on a monthly/annual basis (on the 10th of each month) and that the payment method you have authorized will be charged the respective subscription fee (subject to change) until you cancel your Dojo Box™ Membership. Members also understand all policies and language within our FAQs.


Coupon/Discount Policy:

The use of any coupons and/or discounts is limited to ONE per subscription, per person. Further, any coupon and/or discount may only be used toward your first month’s box. We strictly monitor the use of any coupon and/or discount and any prohibited use will violate these terms of service. Violation of these terms of service may result in the cancellation of your subscription and/or voiding of the entire subject order. Prohibited activity resulting in the violation of these terms of service includes, inter alia, repeated cancellations followed by reactivation with new coupons. Multiple coupons and/or discounts may be used on special offers only when indicated by The Dojo Box and approved promotions dictated by The Dojo Box.


Cancellation Policy: 

You can cancel your subscription at any time when on a monthly plan and will avoid next month’s charges if canceled before the next billing date. To cancel your subscription, contact us here and we will contact you within 48hrs. to help you with your request.


If you do not receive an email or call to confirmation your cancelation/suspension from one of our team members, then that means that your subscription has NOT been canceled. Please contact us if you are unsure if your subscription is active or suspended.


The purchaser also does recognize that all prices on The Dojo Box website are listed in US Dollar($), and that purchasing with a different currency may result in conversion fees and higher/lower amounts depending on your currency’s value compared to the US Dollar.


Terms of Service:

By clicking “Place Order,” you agree to The Dojo Box Terms of Service.




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